Kelsey has brought her many talents to our salon since 2009. She is now part of our educational team, and is one of our most experienced stylist.


"My day at the salon is perfect when all of my customers are smiling ears to ears walking out. I feel empowered by the glow-ups on my clients' faces and the confidence I make them feel after I help them transform from wild, unruly hair into phenomenal masterpieces."


What is your favorite part of being in this industry?

"My favorite part of being in the industry is the absolute freedom I have to create on beautiful human canvases. It can never be boring for me. I love being artistic and I am grateful for the everchanging growth that the industry has to offer."

What is your favorite service to perform?

"My favorite services to perform are cuts and colors, especially skin fades and balayages. Blending is my thing. I take great satisfaction looking at different shades gradually melting into one another."

"My favorite hair styling product from Eufora is Full Effect, mostly because of the texture it can add to limp hair."

"Guy Tang and Schorem are my idols. They lead me to be extremely intricate on my works. I strive to be better daily. I am pickier than many of my customers in hope that maybe one day,  someone somewhere will see my color and be inspired too!"

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