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Lorinda Cook celebrates ownership at Lorinda’s Salon Spa Store, having been involved since the conception in 1984. Lorinda’s Salon Spa Store was founded by Lorinda's mother Cindy Royce.

Welcome to our living room, let us show you around and ensure that you feel comfortable; has been the motto of Lorinda’s Salon Spa Store from day one. When guests leave, Lorinda wants everyone to be looking forward to their next visits, while feeling beautiful, valued, and cared for. Lorinda strives to exceed expectations every time.


Lorinda’s personal and business passion is helping others achieve what they want.  First, it’s important for our guests to receive consistent, quality services and products. The goal of each service or product recommendation is to assist guests in achieving the desired results, while helping each guest utilize the full range of services and products we offer to create duplicatable results.  All with looking forward to your next visit with us.  We believe in the relationship between the guest and Lorinda’s.


Another passion of Lorinda’s is our treasured team.  Along with our guests it’s important for our team to feel valued, cared for, and passionate about their careers.  We choose to work together as a team and support each other every day. This helps us create the best possible environment for our guests and our team. Lorinda also chooses to offer the latest and most up to date advanced continued education opportunities for our team ensuring great skills for all.  These opportunities are often on site at Lorinda’s usually during off hours. They can often involve traveling around the country and occasionally internationally.  Establishing sustainable careers that provide for our team and their families long term, and helping them to live the lives they want fills Lorinda’s heart.  Lorinda is proud of the team she has cultivated with longevity and experience, with the privilege to work alongside several team members for more than 10-30 years.


Lorinda’s passion for cultivating and team building extends past the doors of Lorinda’s Salon Spa Store. Lorinda has had the opportunity to be a mentor to other industry professionals and other business owners.  Helping other business owners create a business that can support them, their employees, their guests, and families.  Coaching and consulting other business owners is a special collaborative relationship digging and designing systems that will drive the results of the business, and the behavior of the owners.  Lorinda has a few sayings that help guide these results. One is she would like to help others not make the same mistakes she has made over the years.  The other is let’s make new mistakes and learn from one another.  Lorinda has had the great opportunity to work with small business owners across the country and Canada.  If you are interested in working with Lorinda send an email to

"My favorite product from Eufora is Elevate hairspray because it is a firm yet workable finishing spray. I love that the hair is still moveable and touchable after using."


Continued Education


Long Hairdressing

Styling and Finishing


Wella Creative Color Class

Sebastian Cutting Class

Wella Lightening Color Training​


Advanced Formulation

Product Knowledge and Composition

Advanced Blonding

Advanced Grey Coverage

5-day Business Intelligence

Balayage and Blonding

Sassoon ABC Advanced Cutting


Men's Cutting Class

Sebastian Styling


Dermalogica BioActive Peel Certified


Wella, Sebastian, Nioxin Trend Release 


Brocato Advanced Coloring & Cutting Techniques


D.S. Laboratories Team Training


Certified in Lash Extensions


Bumble and Bumble Education

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"My inspiration comes from everyone and everything that has touched my life, but most importantly my grandmother."

Lorinda's Work

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