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Hair Removal

At Lorinda's, we offer waxing as well sugaring for hair removal. We have private rooms available, and our estheticians are skilled at making you feel at ease, and will begin each service with a consultation about your needs.

Wax or sugar?

It is a common misconception that sugaring and waxing are the same, and that sugaring is fairly new. In actuality, waxing and sugaring are very different, and sugaring has been around since before 1900 BC. 

With wax, Lorinda's has partnered with Cirépil, renowned for their low temperature wax, as well as their high quality. They include strip and non-strip waxes, all moisturizing, natural, and hypoallergenic.
Sugar is comprised of sugar, lemon juice, and water. These smaller molecules allow exfoliation to occur while you are being sugared. Sugar is kept at room temperature, perfect if you have any sensitivity to heat.