Curls & Smoothing

Whether you're adding curls, reducing curls, or simply removing frizz, we are here to help you manage your curls.

Our skilled team is consistently receiving advanced education to stay up to date on the latest trends and technologies to give you the results you are looking for.


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Whether your hair is down to your waist, to hair above your ears, our expert stylists can give you the curl you desire. From root perms, to tight corkscrew curls, we can choose the rod size and perm type for you.


Brazilian Blowout

A breakthrough in bonding technology, the Brazilian Blowout is a fully customizable smoothing treatment.

Using amino acids to improve the health of the hair, this treatment is perfect for smoothing out natural frizz and keeping the curl pattern intact, or for removing the curl completely.

Lasting results are only guaranteed with the purchase and use of the take home products from Lorinda's Salon. On the day of your Brazilian Blowout, save 10% off of any Brazilian Blowout product!

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