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Whether you're looking for a shellac manicure or a french pedicure, our team is ready to help you achieve beautiful nails, as well as maintaining their health. We pride ourselves on safety and sanitation; we sterilize our metal implements between each and every use, as well as purposefully not having jets in our pedicure bowls to prevent the spread of diseases. 



​Creative Nail Designs (CND) shellac is the original, one and only power non-gel polish. It is a true innovation in chip-free, extended-wear nail color. It goes on beautifully, wears elegantly, dries immediately and removes with little to no damage. The durable final coat seals the deal with a mirror-like finish. There is no odor and no damage to the nails or surrounding skin. Shellac contains no formaldehyde, DBP (dibutyl phthalate) or Toluene. Shellac polish can last up to 8-10 days* with durable shine that resists chips, scratches, and smudges.

*Shellac durability varies widely with hand use.*

Shellac removal is complimentary when the original service was performed at Lorinda's!

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